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Narus nSystem: an intelligent platform for cyber security analytics

We live in a world where security threats are inevitable, have grown highly complex, and may arise from anywhere at any time. Organizations need intelligent, big data security analytics to complement existing investments, combine data to derive meaningful insights, and automatically learn and strengthen security over time.

Faster detection, diagnosis, remediation, and learning with Narus nSystem

Narus nSystem was designed from the ground up as an intelligent, big data security analytics solution that accelerates time to resolution of security threats. It derives actionable insights from patterns of network behavior, application, and user behaviors, and enables the entire security infrastructure to learn from them. The adaptive nature of Narus nSystem, through patented, machine-learning algorithms, allows organizations to meet new security threats and not only preserve but also increase the ROI from existing infrastructure.

Key benefits Narus nSystem

  • Unprecedented visibility: Narus nSystem provides the ability to accurately detect and profile every protocol and application.
  • Advanced analytics: The system uses statistical models, heuristics, entropy, and patented algorithms to address advanced threats.
  • Rich context: Narus nSystem provides for the clear identification and visualization of threats. The analyst can intuitively and quickly determine the root cause and assess what action needs to be taken based on this context.
  • Improved effectiveness of existing defenses: Narus nSystem provides the ability to quickly determine root cause and visualize context. The analyst can translate that information into action resolving problems faster leveraging the existing infrastructure.
  • Scale: Up to hundreds of Gbps support streaming and batch analytics, so threats can be identified at wire speed.

The architecture of Narus nSystem that enables faster resolution of threats can be divided into three key components:

  • nCapture focusing on distributed data ingestion and normalization
  • nProcessing for centralized data processing, storage, and analytics
  • nVisualization for visually enabling key, actionable insights


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