Narus nSystem

Incisive intelligence for countering security threats in a zero-trust world

As the CISO of a modern, information-powered business you have a lot riding on your shoulders. Your role is a constant balancing act between flexibility and control. Your business demands velocity and flexibility, leaving you accountable for the associated security, privacy, policy, and governance on a limited budget.

The cost of any security exposure can be significant, and the cause is often elusive. The impact may include but not be limited to loss of reputation, business momentum, customer and investor confidence, and, most important, revenue. Indeed, the cost of a security breach continues rise, with the average annualized cost of cyber crime across 60 U.S. companies being more than $10 million, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. More often than not the cost of a breach is worsened by the fact that it goes undetected for weeks, sometimes for months, and even after it is detected, it may go unresolved for weeks longer.



nSystem was built from the ground up to meet the challenges of your evolving, global, IT-powered business, which must rise to counter new security threats in a budget- and staff-constrained world. nSystem takes a holistic, integrated, analyst-centric approach to detecting, alerting, mitigating, and resolving security threats as quickly as possible, while helping you make the most of your existing security investments and staffing.


nSystem follows a patented methodology for intelligently summarizing your network data at high speed, enabling it to instantly correlate network, user, place, and application level information for a richer context around an incident.


At the core of nSystem is a powerful and flexible policy engine that works across network and application parameters to let you adjust your security posture as your threat landscape evolves. Included are a number of predefined and proven policies that take the load off your team so they can focus on other priorities.


While most security monitoring solutions get "blurry" at the application level, nSystem can handle your worst BYOD nightmares, excelling at clearly identifying over half a million mobile and desktop applications and their categories. Once deployed, our patented machine-learning engine continues to automatically identify and classify unknown and new applications.


Using a best-in-class high-speed network data ingestion probe, nSystem gains high-definition visibility into your network traffic and applies the most advanced network analysis techniques for rapidly ingesting and processing data.


Security analysts monitoring high-traffic networks can quickly get inundated with alert data. nSystem analyst-centric approach and cognitive techniques create a user experience that enables your small team to rapidly detect and counter real threats.


nSystem plays nicely with your existing security investments. Standardized interfaces and integration with key network elements allow it to ingest data and distill more holistic insights about your network without disturbing your existing infrastructure.


Your current threat landscape requires a solution that is scalable, can adapt to a shifting volume and variety of threat patterns, and focuses on preventing or mitigating your losses from a breach.

Narus nSystem is the solution that allows you to accelerate time to resolution for a wide range of security scenarios by providing comprehensive visibility, context, and investigation capabilities while maximizing the value of your existing investments.

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